TV & Radio Commentator

Delivering high-quality, on-air sports broadcasting begins with being comfortable in front of the camera and over the airwaves. An encyclopedic-like knowledge of sports, verbal energy and articulation, physical poise and the ability to roll with the punches of live television and radio are traits John successfully exemplifies.

TV Show Producer

Overseeing entire productions, John creatively produces unique segments based on sporting news and events while successfully directing on-air talent and managing highlights, scoreboards, pre & post game sound, writing and music elements.

Field Producer

Co-ordinating stories for production, John’s desire to tell a great story for viewers is a testament to his professionalism. Conducting in-depth interviews with players, coaches and management, directing reporters, assisting with camera shots and lighting are elements that contribute to John’s experience.

Features Producer

Creating innovative stories of athletes, coaches and teams is John’s passion. His process of conducting interviews, ensuring the proper camera shot and editing each piece to air illustrates his ambition to tell a good story for the viewer and speaks in the final product.

Live Event Producer

Producing live television broadcasting events with a preparedness for unexpected challenges complements John’s confident and focused presence. While directing on-air talent, cameras and crew, as well as overseeing graphics, statistics and highlights, his ability to adapt to change in all broadcast environments has proven John’s excellent, seasoned skills.


Conducting interviews and bringing interesting stories to the viewer or listener is something John has done for many years. Whether in the arena, practice facility, press conference or off-site location, John asks the right questions to get the best answers from his interviewees. John has interviewed athletes and celebrities throughout North America, including: LeBron James, Sidney Crosby, Larry King, Dan Marino, Wayne Gretzky, Pete Rose and Michael J. Fox.

Voice Over Work

High quality voice over work engages the listener, complementing audio and/or visual documentaries, features and commercials. John’s confident reads, with an emphasis on clear pronunciation and timing, demonstrate his voice over talent.


Appearances as a guest speaker and teacher at broadcasting schools has given students the opportunity to learn directly from John’s experience. His wide-ranging skills in broadcasting has given students first hand knowledge of what it takes to be in the sports broadcasting industry either behind the scenes or in front of a camera and microphone.

Around the Horn Media

Offering his expertise in a freelance capacity, John Horn provides clients with an extensive skill set to deliver highly-esteemed sports media productions. Contact John for your sports broadcasting needs.